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Struggling to Find an Ideal Match on Dating & Matrimony Apps? Look Inside Your Profile for the Solution. Here’s How!

dating profile photos, matrimonial profile photos

If you think that creating a profile is enough to find that special someone, you are wrong! Do you sit in a car and expect to reach your destination without having to drive? (those days might come but they are not here yet). A car won’t move if you don't drive. A profile in dating or matrimonial app won't get you ideal matches unless you pay attention to:


1. Your Bio: it needs to be engaging, fun but authentic.

2. 5 good photos of you at least



Now, let’s see why, what and how of the photos.

Why are profile photos so important on dating, matrimonial apps?


dating profile photos, matrimonial profile photos

All apps show your photos first, rest of the details come later. This is your chance to create a positive first impression. You can't let this opportunity go waste, can you?


First impressions are

automatic and subconscious

First impressions are automatic, subconscious opinions, unintentional. You can’t blame others for an impression your profile creates but you can prevent it with good photos and bio. We will see what makes good photos in a minute.


If your profile photos created a positive impression, your match will want to know more about you. She could be your ideal match. She will go on to check the other details about you. If the rest of the profile support that positive first impression, you are lucky.

If she doesn't like your boring bio, photos, what do you think will happen? She will ignore your profile, duh! She will likely swipe you out.  You may never get another chance.


With dull profile photos you will be attracting

incompatible matches and wasting your time

You may get matches with random photos and a boring bio because some people overlook dull profiles. People who do so are not serious, you will be wasting your time with them, they can't be ideal for you. You will only be attracting incompatible matches with a boring profile. Don't waste your time like that!

dating profile photos

Your perfect match is seeking

HER ideal partner.

What would you want her

to see on your profile?

Your perfect match is seeking HER ideal partner, who could be YOU. If she stumbles on your profile and likes it, there's a chance for a connection.


Good photos are absolute necessity if you want to find a match ideal for you. Ideal is the key word here. Not any match, an ideal match, a match that's perfect for you.


Good photos are absolute necessity

if you want to find a match ideal for you

What makes a good photo (portrait)?


1. In a portrait you should be the only subject - only you, no one else.

2. A portrait should show who you are in a positive light.

3. It should be well lit, with right background and has to be clear and sharp

4. You need a set of portraits in different looks conveying your personality - one may not be able to do the job of 5


How to get GOOD portraits?


You have 2 options:


1. Do it yourself - it is not easy. It is like trying your haircut on your own. A friend or a family member can help you but we discussed what makes photos good. Do you think you can manage that?


2. Leave it to us, Dateable. We will get you the best possible portraits you ever had.  Portraits that present you in great, positive light so that you can find your ideal match. Our Bespoke Bio Writing service helps you with a fun, engaging bio.



Let us help you find your ideal match that you deserve!


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