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This manifesto is based on a set of beliefs viz. honesty, quality and reliability. If you value these above money, this service is for you. What does that mean?


Trust & Honesty: If I am not honest and trustworthy, I am nothing. I don't hesitate to go an extra mile or two to give you the best possible results. Similarly I expect my customers to be honest and trustworthy with me too, it is a give and take.

I say: 

  • Yes to trustworthy, honest and open communication

  • No to aggressive negotiation tactics, you told me so, I told you so discussions, no to volume discounts, 'we will get another shoot done by you' assurances, no to tricks and no gimmicks. Customers who attempt any of these will get a 'No' from me, a full refund if any advance is paid and the shoot will be cancelled if already booked.

Single, Fixed, Transparent and Take-it-or-Leave-it Prices: Clearly written prices with no hidden charges. Right from the get go you will know what you will pay and what you will get for the price you pay. There will be no tricks, gimmicks, discounts, bargains, negotiations or demand based price changes from my side, guaranteed! 


One price for a given service at any given time, period. That's not to say prices don't get revised from time to time.  You will get what you paid for, whether you ask for it or not. Again, I never make verbal assurances.

On-time Service & Timely Payment: Be it arrival at the shoot location*, delivery of photos, no need for follow-up or reminders. Similarly full payment (less advanced if any paid) to be realized immediately after the shoot and before the delivery of photos. 


Please see the matrix below:

10k Portraits Quality Policy
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