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27 Ways You Can Boost your Dating or Matrimonial Profiles

Shhh! You Just Need 10 Of them!!

dating profile photos

You are more likely to post poor quality photos on your dating or matrimonial profiles than good quality photos. A researcher found that 75% of profiles on dating apps have bad quality photos. You don't need to look far, login to any dating or matchmaking app and see for yourself, if you know what makes a bad quality photo though.

Here’s a quick primer:

What are Poor Quality Dating / Matrimonial Profile Photos?

Photos taken in bad lighting, bad angle, photos with bad or no cropping – there are many ways photos can go wrong. If they are yours they will  hurt your confidence and self esteem but are a source of entertainment for others.

‘Do it yourself’ approach to taking good photos can only go so far. Even if you are a photographer yourself, you need the help of another  photographer to get it right. If you are not, you can't get away without professional help.

What are Good Quality Dating / Matrimonial Profile Photos?

A good quality dating / matrimonial profile photo is technically (lighting, posing, angles etc.) right and should be able to convey your personality to the viewer. You need professional help for that because if the photo is not technically right, it will distract the viewer and take the focus away. A technically good photo doesn’t distract but doesn’t catch the attention of the viewer either. So, I wouldn’t waste your time telling you how to do it. Let’s see what are the 27 kinds of photos – you can decide what type of photos suit you and then you are in a good position to tell a photographer what you want. This is much better than just booking your photo shoot and trusting the photographer to get you good photos that will help your dating or matrimonial app profile.

1. Portrait/Photo Format

Format of the photo determines how much detail is shown in the photo. A full body shot shows the whole body but not the facial features as much a headshot which shows only head and shoulders. A cowboy shot is the middle ground, not too far, not too close either. You should have all three formats in your profile.


1.1 Full body shots

dating profile photos

Full body shots are the classic matchmaking photos -with or without an app. A matchmaking service or a matchmaker aunty or uncle would insist on full body shots. Everyone wants full body shots; they are the holy grail of portraits. If it is not a full body shot, it is not serious, it is not a photo with a purpose.

This is parochial, I get it. But this style of portrait has its merits.


The person interested in your profile may want to see you top to bottom, the whole picture and size you up (with your clothes on, of course!). Unless there's any reason not to, having a good full body shot is completes your profile.


1.2 Cowboy shots or 2/3rds shots

matrimonial profile photos

This term comes from Hollywood films. This format is used to shoot cowboys drawing their guns and shooting. These shots emphasize their power and dominance. E.g. Movies: Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Wonder Woman, and The Dark Knight

Now, are you thinking, ‘yes, I want something like that’? Sure, you do and you must. These types of photos portray your confidence and swag without saying it in words. A picture is worth a few words, remember? They do good to your dating or matrimonial app profiles - you can get them from Dateable.


1.3 Headshots or head and shoulders shots

matrimonial profile photos

A headshot is a tight crop portrait to show the head and shoulders. The subject looks into the camera to connect with the viewer.

Advertisements, auditions, website profiles, social media profiles use headshots.

For your dating profile, they present a close-up view of you. If a skilled headshot photographer coach you, you can convey who you are with these photos. Include at least one headshot in your profile, as your primary profile photograph.

2. Portrait Style

Your attire sets the mood and tone for your photos. Formal, semi-formal or informal, you are conveying something through the photos.

2.1 Formal attire

matrimonial profile photos

Formal attires help you present the best version of yourself. These photos of you in formal attire convey a sense of maturity, success, and confidence, which can be appealing to potential partners.

Formal attire for men includes suits, shirts, ties, and shoes. A tuxedo, bow tie also is evening formal dress. For women a formal outfit choice are a floor-length gown or sarees or suits (jacket, blouse, formal skirts with formal shoes).


2.2 Semi-Formal attire

matrimonial profile photos

Semi formal attire is not as formal but not very informal either. They help you convey confidence and class. Semi formal clothes allow a personal flair and expression. With a wider range of shirt styles, colors you can wear the colors you like while being somewhat formal.

For men, a pair of chinos with a checked shirt, a blazer that complements or a t-shirt, trousers with a jacket.


2.3 Informal attire

matrimonial profile photos

Informal clothing like jeans and t-shirts, capris, cargos are appropriate for everyday situations. E.g. Going to work, attending casual social events, or running errands etc.

Jeans, capris, cargos –with polo or round neck t-shirts, checked shirts - all these are informal.


Informal attire in dating profiles show you in a more casual setting. These photos convey a sense of relaxed, friendly and approachable side. These photos give potential matches a glimpse into your everyday life and personality.

Create a well-rounded profile with these three styles of photos (formal, semi-formal, and informal).


3. Photo Content

So far we have seen what kind of photo, what kind of attire. Now for the moment of truth. What kind of photos? What will you be doing in the photos?  


3.1 Posed – Looking at the Camera

matrimonial profile photos

Posed photos establish a direct connection with the viewer as you will be looking into the camera. Don't underestimate posed photos. Like full body shots, these are classic but very important. What you would like to convey in these photos is up to you.

You need to work on your expression or you can end up conveying something you didn’t intend to. That’s where expression coaching comes in. A good photographer will help you convey that by coaching you with expressions. That's what I do, day in and day out. I am here to help you with that.


3.2 Candid – Spontaneous

matrimonial profile photos

In these photos you will not looking into the camera but lost in thought or looking away or doing something. These are the photos taken with or without your knowledge while you are doing something.

These photos give a sense of the kind of person you are. Candid portraits are spontaneous and capture your character. These photos create an intimate and personal connection with the viewer. These photos feel like a glimpse you’re your real life rather than a posed representation.

They are important to your dating app profiles or matrimonial app profiles.


3.3 Activity Shots

matrimonial profile photos

Activity portraits are engaging, they convey your interests. They provide a unique perspective about you.


It is a great idea to have these photos taken if you are into sports, crafts, arts, any hobby.

You can be the only one in these photos, playing your guitar for instance or you are with other people. These tailored photos are unique to you - there are no right or wrong answers.


These photos are also quite powerful in presenting you in a well-rounded fashion.

3 variations of 3 styles give you 27 types of photos that can boost your dating profile. (not 9, because it'd be 3 to the power of 3 not 3 multiplied by 3). Because you can have a full body shot, cowboy shot or headshot in formal, informal, semi-formals, in any of the posed, candid or activity in any of these variations. These are the 27 ways to slay your dating profile. You need only 10 or 12 of them to convey who you are an what you stand for. If you have photos like these, you will get so much attention that you will be spoilt for choice of matches to pick.

You can get photos of all and of these 27 types right here at Dateable.

Get in touch with me, let me help  you find an ideal matches to truly deserve.


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